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Olympisch kampioen Kyle Snyder heeft ambities richting de UFC

September 13th, 2016 | by Stefan Van Erp

Kyle Snyder, Olympisch kampioen worstelen tot 97 kilogram heeft zijn ambities uitgesproken om in de UFC te gaan vechten.

Snyder was aanwezig tijdens UFC 203 en vermaakte zich prima. Dit resulteerde uiteindelijk in een Tweet die hij eruit stuurde: “I want to fight in the UFC”.
Nadat diverse media aan Snyder vroegen wat hij ermee bedoelde antwoordde hij:
“I want to fight. Basically what that tweet means. I love wrestling, I really do. I would want to continue wrestling but I want to do both at the same time,” Snyder revealed. “I want to pursue my wrestling career, wrestle in World Championships and the Olympic games, but if the scheduling could work out and I can become an elite fighter, then I want to fight in the UFC as well.
“They put on a great show, it’s really exciting. I think it’s something that I could excel in. I haven’t done much boxing or jiu-jitsu or striking or stuff like that but I think that I could pick it up pretty quickly. The crowd and the way they made the whole thing a big show was just exciting for me. It’s something that I want to do.”

Snyder is niet de enige olympiër die in de UFC zou gaan vechten. Zo gingen onder anderen Mark Coleman (OS ’92) Daniel Cormier (OS ’04) Dan Henderson (OS ’92 en ’96) Ronda Rousey (OS ’92) Henry Cejudo (OS ’08) Yoel Romero (OS ’04) Hector Lombard (OS ’00) en Randy “The Natural” Couture (OS ’88, ’92, ’96) hem voor.

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