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Khabib “the Eagle” Nurmagomedov daagt de kampioen uit!

August 2nd, 2016 | by Lennart Van Arendonk

De ongeslagen MMA vechter met een record van 22 om 0 is klaar voor de UFC titel! Dit heeft hij laten weten via Social Media.

Khabib: “So Alvarerez says that I never fight with top fighters and talking about my pro record. I’m not sure where he gets that information, but when I fight vs Tibau he was ranked 15, when I fight vs Tavares, he was considered as best Brazilian lightweight, Pat Healy was ranked 10, when I fight RDA he was #5.

My last fight, I suppose to face Tony Ferguson who is ranked #3, but he got injured and pulled out, I asked for any light and welterweight fighter for replacement, including Alvarerez, but nobody accept. But your ass, Eddie, got kicked in first UFC fight by cowboy, second fight you won Melendez by split decision, but all experts believes you lost that one unanimously. Third one you win Pettis by split decision and after that you get title shot. You beat RDA without question.

Do you really believe, that with that only one UFC victory, you are great fighter and can dictate your terms? I don’t think so. Remember, with or without the belt, I will hunt you down. Your name in my blacklist”.

Alvarez vs. Nurmagomedov, is dat het volgende gevecht voor de titel?

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