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Michael Chiesa vecht verlies tegen Kevin Lee aan

June 30th, 2017 | by Lennart Van Arendonk

Michael Chiesa heeft een officieel verzoek ingediend om het verlies dat hij leed tegen Kevin Lee UFC Fight Night 112 te herzien. Chiesa vraagt de Oklahoma State Athletic Commission om het oordeel van scheidsrechter Mario Yamasaki van het stoppen van de partij zonder knock-out of afkloppen te herzien.

De 29-jarige Amerikaanse vechter Michael Chiesa verloor afgelopen 25 juni met ene rear-naked choke in de eerste ronde. Omdat hij tijdens deze aanval weinig verdediging gaf heeft de scheidsrechter de partij beëindigd. Chiesa liet gelijk weten het niet eens te zijn met de beslissing. Vandaag heeft hij laten weten het verlies aan te vechten.

“While I understand that mixed martial arts referees have a very difficult job, licensed combatants like me enter into combative contests with the understanding that referees will follow highest standard of conduct.”

“In my fight with Kevin Lee, Mr. Yamasaki made multiple failures, oversights, and errors in officiating that ultimately led to this unfortunate circumstance. To be clear – I did not tap, I did not verbally submit, I was not knocked unconscious, and at no point did I go unconscious. At all times, I used my years of experience and training to intelligently defend myself. The first such failure to properly implement the rules occurred when Mr. Yamasaki did not warn, penalize, or otherwise follow professional guidelines when Kevin Lee landed numerous illegal downward elbows while I was backmounted at 3:46 of the first round [see in a replay of the fight that his elbow goes directly north to south (foul pursuant to Oklahoma Administrative Code 92:10-11-7:a9)]. These illegal strikes cut my head open, and I required 4 stitches after the fight was over.”

“As a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for more than a decade, I engaged my years of experience by (1) relaxing, (2) engaging my core and shoulders to “shrug” to release some pressure and (3) flex my neck muscles. It may not look pretty, but the positioning provides three important benefits (1) allowing increased blood flow and breathing ability, (2) creating space to ‘turn in’ to the opponent, and (3) forcing the opponent to exhaust strength to pursue a finish that may never come. I was in this specific position for less than two seconds before Mr. Yamasaki wrongfully ended the contest. Mr. Yamasaki offered no warnings that he may stop the bout and did not make any effort to check my condition or offer any verbal commands of any kind. As you will see on replays, I was not only awake, but animated. Again, I did not tap, I did not verbally submit, I was not knocked unconscious and at no point did I go unconscious.”

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